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Novo módulo PagHiper para WHMCS
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Notificações WHMCS no Celular

Receba as notificações sobre o que acontece diretamente em seu celular pelo app Slack.
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Tunelamento SSH Reverso

Criamos uma aplicação para facilitar sua vida ao configurar esse serviço.
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Reverse SSH Tunnel-we created an application to tunneling

Postado por: Victor Hugo em 18/Feb/2017 - Sem Comentários

Reverse SSH Tunneling or SSH Reverse Tunnel, consists of an encrypted connection between two machines, usually (always) between the server (which keeps the SSH server active shaped in its dependencies)…

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Payment module-for Deposit Accounts

Postado por: Victor Hugo em 01/Feb/2017 - Sem Comentários

Good guys, today I bring you a deposit accounts module for WHMCS, it inserts more beautiful and organized information from your bank to deposit or transfer on invoice screen. Is…

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WHMCS notifications on mobile with Slack

Postado por: Victor Hugo em 21/Jan/2017 - Sem Comentários

Good afternoon guys, today I bring you some news for WHMCS that will help many to decrease the response time of the tickets and activation of the services. The WHMCS…

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TS3 module for WHMCS + TSDNS

Postado por: Victor Hugo em 08/Jan/2017 - 3 Comentários

Good night guys! Victor again to bring a new swell for you. This is something that is unique in the free market of WHMCS and demand. Have been many times…

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Calculate difference between two dates with PHP

Postado por: Victor Hugo em 05/Jan/2017 - 2 Comentários

Good afternoon everyone! Victor here and today I'm bringing more news for you, is the simple solution to a question of global PHP that even great programmers there, "how to…

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